What is a Migrant Resource Centre?

A Migrant Reource Centre - MRC in brief - is a place which provides services directly to migrants to facilitate and promote their recourse to legal, voluntary, orderly and protected migration.

Who can contact us at the MRC?

Intending migrants, migrant workers, returnees, Afghans living abroad, students and family members of migrants can contact us.

Can the MRC secure a job abroad?

No, the MRC cannot secure a job abroad for you. MRC is a resource centre providing information and guidance to migrants. The MRC is not a job placement centre or recruitment agency.

Can the MRC get me a visa?

No, MRCs cannot provide visa facilitation. However, we can guide you in the steps to get a visa.

Are you charging for your services?

No, all of our services are completely free of charge.

Can the MRC conduct orientation sessions for students?

Yes, MRC conducts orientation sessions for students from vocational and technical institutes, colleges and professional universities. MRC counsellor’s visit technical institutes, colleges and universities to hold awareness session on regular basis.

How can the MRC help me in migrating abroad?

The MRC can provide you with information that will be useful for you to make an informed decision about migrating.